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Have A Nice Journey

Organic Dark Chocolate Mushroom Bar

Organic Dark Chocolate Mushroom Bar

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Formulated in the cleanest manner possible (cruelty free, full spectrum actives), our chocolates are free of isolates, concentrates and synthesized sourced materials.


Organic Ingredients:

cacao beans, cacao butter, cane sugar, full cream milk, sunflower lecithin 

4g mindful magic complex 

260mg per square

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Always the best high tbh let's run through it

I suffer from depression and lots of others there hillbilly 4 gram bars are great u don't taste the shrooms and u will definitely get them visuals of ur body breathing you'll laugh alot I've bought over probably 10 bars it's and amazing bar just 3 sqaures ur in that psilocybin trip better get ready for color shifting giggles and trees breathing and hand melting there free samples are great 2 just saying

Joe S
The real deal!

Ate the entire bar for a macrodose and it was just what the doctor ordered! Great effects, and the dark chocolate tasted really good as well! It’s been over a week since taking it, and I’m still enjoying the positive effects of reduced DMN activity and new neural connections. Will definitely be coming back here!


The dosage directions are so helpful! Tried a couple squares and had a really relaxing time walking around in nature. Felt all my senses a little heightened, but nothing too overwhelming. Just present and able to really appreciate my surroundings. Can't wait to try more!

Best micro dose product.

This product is the best Ive found for micro-dosing! Love the taste of the chocolate! And the sizing is perfect. Its amazing. 5 stars indeed! I will be trying the milk chocolate next…

Davis Wiechert
I had a VERY nice Journey!

Probably the most chilled out I’ve ever felt in my life, but also curious and introspective. Had some visual effects which was really cool. Greatly enhanced my music listening experience. Works fast, long lasting. Tasted great too!

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